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• Introduce natural solutions into your everyday life through essential oils
• Experience a more tailored approach to health through 1:1 health coaching
• Find community within holistic wellness events
• Discover resources to help you live a more healthy lifestyle...

I’m here to provide you with simple and effective tools to help you live a healthier, more natural lifestyle - all while saving time, money, and energy.  Please stay awhile!

Whether you're looking to:

Good news!  It doesn't have to feel that way!

In a world filled with fast fashion, fast food, and the pursuit of the next quick fix or the fastest way to get ahead, it can feel overwhelming to maintain balance, find your tribe, and live thoughtfully and intentionally.

natural alternatives.


healthy solutions.



renewed energy.

Together, we'll find

Canʼt wait to hang with you!

Outside of The Holistic Mrs, Iʼm also a dog mama, professional National Anthem singer (totally a thing!), country music lover, and my favorite pastime is wine tasting trips with friends.

Thus, The Holistic Mrs was born!

My name is Rachel and Iʼm an Integrative Health Coach based in the middle of one of the worldʼs most well-known tech bubbles, The Silicon Valley!  While computers arenʼt really my thing, finding balance and creating a healthy lifestyle amidst the hustle is.

Around the time my husband and I were married in 2017, I began to explore replacing many of my life's staples with healthier, natural versions.  I was stunned by the positive effects these changes had on my family's life and I knew I couldn't keep these solutions to myself.

Hey there! Iʼm so glad we found each other.

About The Holistic Mrs

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