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October 15, 2019

Sweet Relief this October!

Oh, October!

Let me count the ways! One of my favorite months of the year as the leaves start to turn red and orange, pumpkin spice lattes are a thing again, and the beginning of an epic three months of doTERRA promotions and holiday products!

If you already have a wholesale account, you know 200PV promotions are a big deal! This month is no exception. Likewise, if you’re not a member and wondering what the heck PV is, it stands for ‘Personal Volume.’ Each product has a PV value (ex. 1PV typically equals $1). 

Okay, now that we’ve got that covered, here is the BIG NEWS: When you place a 200PV order any time during the month of October, you will be gifted not one, not two, but THREE additional products in your shopping cart. Talk about a huge deal!

Do you experience anxious feelings, pain and inflammation, or dry skin? KEEP READING because these products will give you the sweet relief you have been looking for: 


Copaiba Essential OIl Bottle and Copaiba Softgels Bottle laying flat on Burlap Mat

Retail | $42.67
Wholesale | $32

I’ve been using this essential oil for about a year now and can’t speak highly enough! Copaiba comes from the Copaiba tree, which flourishes in northern Brazil and has been used for hundreds of years for its various health benefits. The sourcing process is pretty cool, too! Check it out here. Often compared to CBD oil because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, Copaiba contains a higher perecentage of BCP (Beta Caryophyllene), the chemical constituent responsible for interacting with our CB2 receptor which helps reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and calm the nervous system. *raises hands in air!* 

Softgels are perfect for those of you that might struggle with taking large supplements and want something easy to swallow. Likewise, they are also a great alternative if you aren’t too keen on the taste of the oil itself. Each serving has approximately 2 drops of Copaiba essential oil in it and has become an integral part of my nightly routine. Here are a few of the ways I use them:

    1. To help support anxious feelings, take 1 Copaiba softgel in the morning and evening, or throughout the day as needed
    2. If you’re immune system has been compromised, take 1 Copaiba softgel and 1 OnGuard Softgel daily to support healthy recovery
    3. Trouble relaxing at night? I love taking 1 Copaiba softgel about 20-30 minutes before bed to create a calming environment in my body

Retail | $46.67
Wholesale | $35

Softgels are an easy way to get the internal benefits, but, if you want to have the option of an aromatic or topical experience, you need the essential oil, too. 

Diffusing your oils is the best way to get an aromatic experience. You can completely alter your environment, from one that may be unsettling and tense to calming and relaxing, or tired and gloomy to energizing and uplifting. There are so many diffuser blend recipes you can create with Copaiba to provide the perfect atmosphere you are looking for.

Copaiba Diffuser Blend Recipes

Topically, this oil is a MUST HAVE. It helps promote clear skin and soothe aches and pains. Make your own natural perfume, too, by combining with other essential oils like Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, or Roman Chamomile.

Bluntly put, you NEED this oil in your life. Here are a few of its many uses:

    1. Combine 2-3 drops Copaiba with your favorite calming essential oils in your diffuser before bedtime
    2. Put 1 drop Copaiba under your tongue to soothe anxious feelings or relieve tension
    3. Before or after a workout or strenuous activity, apply 1-2 drops Copaiba to sore muscles with a carrier oil to help support inflammation.

Try my favorite diffuser blend for soothing anxious feelings!
4 Drops Siberian Fir
2 Drops Douglas Fir
2 Drops Copaiba
2 Drops Wild Orange

And, last but not least, a limited edition!

Yellow Mandarin Essential Oil Sitting on Green LeafYELLOW MANDARIN
Wholesale | NOT FOR SALE

Every now and then, doTERRA blesses us with an oil so special, it can only be offered as a promotional item. Therefore, the only way to snag this floral and zesty citrus oil is to place your 200PV order THIS MONTH. 

A close relative to Red and Green Mandarin essential oil, Yellow Mandarin is slightly less sweet and has a beautiful, sunny hue! Depending upon the ripeness of the fruit and time of distillation will determine what varietal is made and how sweet or tart the taste and aroma is.

+ Cold-pressed from the semi-ripe fruit peel
+ The most floral of all three mandarin oils
+ Excellent for cleansing surfaces
+ Offers a bright, positive aroma
+ Helps maintain balanced moisture levels in the skin (add a drop to your night cream!)
+ Promotes vitality and a positive mood

Use Yellow Mandarin in the diffuser to help create an uplifting atmosphere, put a drop in water for a refreshing beverage, or add to your night time facial cleanser to help promote healthy-looking skin! 

SAFETY NOTE: When applying any citrus oils topically, avoid sun exposure for up to 12 hours

New to oils and want to snag all three of these products for FREE? Purchase my favorite starter bundle and they’re all yours!

*Please note, these products are not meant to replace any recommendations from your doctor. 


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