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October 31, 2019

3 Ways to Easily Optimize Indoor Air Quality

Last year, California experienced first hand the dangers of poor air quality during the painful devastation from multiple fires that burned thousands of acres, destroyed hundreds of homes, and exasperated many acute and chronic health issues. While we are still rebuilding, yet again, another frightening fire season is upon us. Luckily, there are easy ways to optimize our health during this high threat fire season.

PG&E has taken extra measures this year with their public safety power shutoff to almost one million customers for consecutive days during high wind and dry weather alerts. While this has been controversial, others understand the necessity of their decision. Thankfully, our family has not yet been affected by the current fires, but my heart goes out to those to those that are. It’s hard to feel safe and know our children our safe when we have no control over the environmental climate. 

With air pollution high and air quality low, there are steps you can take to benefit the health of you and your family. Below are some recommendations to help gently detoxify your body and your home, especially those with asthma and chronic illness that are at higher risk. There are many steps you can take, but, I’m going to focus on what I know best! Check out my top 3 ways to easily optimize the air quality in your home during the poorest air quality days:

  1. Keep windows and doors closed tightly

    While this may seem obvious, this is the easiest way to let that outside air in so it’s important to remain aware. I love sleeping with my window cracked open a bit, but when the air quality is poor, use an indoor fan as an alternative!

  2. Fill your home with plants!

    woman sitting on couch reading a book with potted plant next to her and on table in frontKeeping plants in your home naturally helps to remove VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are omitted from our furniture, cleaning products, makeup, and even the paint on our walls! Plants will absorb these gases through their leaves and roots. Some of my favorite plants are:

      1. Areca Palm
      2. Lady Palm
      3. Rubber Plants
      4. Boston Firn
      5. And my two favorites: Aloe and Snake Plants


  1. Diffuse essential oils

Essential oils help naturally purify and keep the air clean while supporting your respiratory system and mood. My favorite diffuser blend on poor air quality days is 3 drops of OnGuard, the protective, immune supporting blend, and 3 drops of Breathe, the respiratory blend. I love diffusers because not only can you create your own variety of aromas but they release therapeutic benefits into the air and are safe for the entire family! Other air fresheners unfortunately contain chemicals that will continue to do more harm than good. onguard and breathe essential oil flatlay

Whether you have to step outside or have the ability to stay indoors, there are SO many other recommendations to help maintain your health during poor air quality days. During a time that can feel overwhelming and anxiety is running high, go back to these three easy to incorporate steps.

I hope these recommendations will give you and your family some peace of mind and comfort. Please stay safe and make your health a priority not only today, but every day. If you know someone that can benefit from this, please share with them.

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