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November 10, 2019

The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide

Happy November! The month of giving thanks and holiday shopping is alive and kicking with some really exciting promotions! I’m a bit oil crazy and stay up until 11pm PST on the last day of each month to learn what the new specials are going to be, just so I can make sure you all the get the 411 right away! So, without further or do, here are your November 2019 promos, starting with the ultimate holiday shopping guide!

H O L I D A Y | G U I D E

holiday product must haves

You don’t need to wait until Black Friday to get stuck in all that craziness! Do it straight from the comfort of your own home and shop doTERRA’s beautifully curated holiday products that everyone will love! Be careful, you’ll find yourself snagging a few for yourself, too 😉

These products sell out FAST, so, don’t walk…RUN to your computer and snag your faves before they’re gone! Check out all the products here!

N E W | C U S T O M E R

How would you like to earn $50 back in product credit JUST for saying ‘Yes’ to this lifestyle and beginning your journey with doTERRA essential oils? GOOD NEWS! You’ve come at the right month. When you begin your journey with one of my 100PV+ starter kits you will earn $50 back in product credit! The starter kits are the BEST place to start because they come already pre-designed with your biggest health needs in mind, AND you will save the most money up front.

Not sure how this whole membership thing works?? It’s easy! You know I like to save you time, money, and energy and that’s EXACTLY what this membership will do for you. BONUS: You will transform your body into the best health you’ve ever been in!

I like to compare your doTERRA membership to Costco or Sam’s Club. All it costs is $35/year and you now have access to wholesale pricing (25% off retail) for an entire year! When you begin with a starter kit, that $35 fee is waived – can I get a “heck yes!Shop the kits and pick your starting point! Once you’re all set, you get a FREE chat with me to go over your oils and membership.

10% | O F F
SIBERIAN FIR 10% off siberian fir with a bottle of siberian fir oil

If you like a woodsy, fresh aroma, you will LOVE this essential oil. Definitely in my Top 10 lineup, this oil has shared its benefits with me on so many occasions. Check out these TEN easy uses for Siberian Fir:

+ Diffuse with Frankincense and Citrus Bliss (or your favorite citrus oil) to create a relaxing and positive environment
+ Apply topically with a carrier oil or Deep Blue Rub to sore muscles to help support achy joints (TIP: Bring this with you to a massage!)
+ Open the bottle and deeply inhale for 2 – 3 minutes when you’re feeling stressed or anxious
+ Put 5-6 drops in a warm shower to create a spa-like environment and help support respiratory issues
+ Add 10 drops to the OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate glass cleaner for additional surface cleansing support
+ Become an apothecary and put 1-3 drops in a veggie capsule topped with olive oil and take 1x/day to support your metabolism, liver, cholesterol, and/or digestion! A healthy gut is a healthy body!
+ Add to your moisturizer or a drop to Correct-X and apply to skin blemishes or irritations
+ Diffuse throughout the day to help support brain fog
+ Diffuse at night with Wild Orange and Serenity or Lavender to help support a restful sleep
+ Massage into chest with Rosemary, Frankincense, and a carrier oil for temporary cough relief

So, there you have it! Ten easy uses for Siberian Fir. Grab this bottle at 10% OFF any time during the month of November!

F R E E | P R O D U C T
WHITE GRAPEFRUITfree oil in november picture of white grapefruit essential oil

This is for all my current wholesale members! This is also why purchasing your products through the Loyalty Rewards Program is the SMARTEST way to purchase, because you get limited edition offers like this!

White Grapefruit is currently not for sale and only available when you place a 125PV order in your Loyalty Rewards cart between November 1st – 15th. My bottle recently came in the mail and as soon as I opened it up, oh. my. gosh. You guys, it’s sweet, it’s tart, it’s citrusy, it’s heaven.

Like many of the other citrus oils, White Grapefruit is filled with cleansing and purifying properties. Put a few drops down your kitchen sink drain, add to your facial cleanser or moisturizer, OH! and, when taken internally, you’ll not only get digestive support but, how about a healthy metabolism?! Even if you’re in good shape and think you’re the healthiest person alive (and, if so, call me…I want your secrets!), our metabolism begins to slow down as we age. We ALL need metabolic support.

Whether you’re new to oils, or you’ve been around the block more than a few times, November is the month to stock up on all your holiday shopping needs!

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