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Their mission is to pursue what is pure and they will never waiver from quality, ensuring that when you use a bottle of their oil, it will do what it is supposed to do - every single time.

You can feel confident that all of doTERRAʼs essential oils are free of any fillers, artificial ingredients, unknown chemicals, synthetics, pesticides, and any kind of adulteration.

Feels pretty good to know, doesn't it?

So why should you choose doTerra?

But did you know there is no governing body that regulates essential oils? Sadly, there is a ton of adulteration and mixing of synthetics in the very bottles that claim to be “100% pure.”

As this industry continues to grow, you will see essential oils EVERYWHERE!

Having struggled with severe anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues, I've learned that it is SO important to be kind to what we are putting on and in our bodies.  And guess what?  I've done the research for you!

Today, essential oils are my language.

My 30s have been quite the journey. If you had asked me 10 years ago what essential oils were, I would have thought you were speaking a different language!

The doTERRA Difference

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So what do you say?  Ready to dive in with me?

Using essential oils topically is a great way to target a specific area of the body in need. For example, if you have a headache, you can apply 1-2 drops of Peppermint to your temples. I also love applying essential oils to the bottoms of my feet before bed to help promote a restful sleep!

Did you know that in a matter of 20 minutes, essential oils can affect every cell in your body?

When using essential oils topically, itʼs important to keep safety in mind. If you are not sure whether an oil can be used neat (undiluted), always apply with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil. Carrier oils actually help to absorb the oils deeper and quicker into our cells. Theyʼre also great to help mitigate any potential skin sensitivity.


When used properly, essential oils can safely be taken internally. doTERRA is the ONLY company I trust to use essential oils internally. Why? The oils go through rigorous testing and each bottle that is safe to use internally has a “supplement facts” label. Most other essential oil companies will only list their oils safe to use aromatically or topically.

Fact: Did you know you already consume essential oils internally? Yes! Any time you use a spice like cinnamon or oregano, or drink your favorite chamomile tea, you are consuming small amounts of the compounds found in the plant - that is an essential oil!

Essential oils are 50 - 70 times more potent than the herb or plant it is distilled from so they have this amazing ability for more targeted support! They also work at a cellular level to help support inflammatory responses in the body.

The easiest way to use your oils internally is to put a drop or two in a glass of water. Make sure youʼre using stainless steel or glass! Plastic + Essential Oils = Bad. I love sipping on some water and peppermint for a mid-day pick me up, or a drop of lemon to help support healthy detoxification. You can also put your oils in a veggie capsule and take them like a supplement. I recommend this if you are following a specific protocol or donʼt like the taste of an oil but want the benefits!   You can cook with the oils or even put a drop under your tongue! There are so many options!


By far the most popular and easiest way to use and get the benefits of essential oils is aromatically. My favorite way to do this is by putting a few drops of my favorite oils in a diffuser. Donʼt worry, I have tons of fun blends to share with you once you get your oils!

I find the best place to put a diffuser is in your bedroom, the bathroom, living room, or any other room you hang out in the most! As it disperses oils into the air, not only will it help purify the air, you will also get amazing health benefits!

In need of a mood shift? Another way to use your oils aromatically is to put one drop of essential oil in your hands and deeply inhale. Do this 3-4 times for a couple minutes and watch how fast your emotions balance out!


One of the first questions I am always asked is, “how do I use my oils?”  Well good news, CPTG essential oils can be used 3 different ways …and, yes, I use them all the ways!

Essential Oils 101

Investing in your health is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and I am so excited to join you on this journey.

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