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My Soothing Ginger Tummy Tonic is the perfect solution to recovering from your holiday food coma! I created this from my recent craving for soda. The bubbles have been comforting to my achy tummy and there’s a bit of nostalgia drinking a Sprite with some crushed ice! Grab the popcorn, please! You know I’m all […]

Soothing Ginger Tummy Tonic

Seasonal depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a very real and prevalent thing. As a result of shorter and darker days, more rain and colder weather, these changes can easily create a recipe for sadness. A healthy diet plays a huge role in our mood; unfortunately, our nutritional needs can no longer be solely […]

7 Supplements to Beat Seasonal Depression

Curious how to reduce your anxiety without giving up caffeine? Let me introduce you to your new bff: Matcha Green Tea! A Buddhist monk, Myoan Eisai, discovered Matcha back in the 12th century and soon realized its incredibly powerful health benefits! Since then, many studies have shown some of the chemical compounds in Matcha may […]

Reduce Your Anxiety With This Superfood!

You’ve heard the phrase, “an apple a day…” right? I beg to differ. Lemons are MUCH more important, imo. Because lemon oil LOVES to breakdown fat, it helps flush out toxins in our body that can consequently lead us to the doctor in the first place! Lemon essential oil is known as the cleansing oil […]

9 Ways to Use Lemon Essential OIl

Last year, California experienced first hand the dangers of poor air quality during the painful devastation from multiple fires that burned thousands of acres, destroyed hundreds of homes, and exasperated many acute and chronic health issues. While we are still rebuilding, yet again, another frightening fire season is upon us. Luckily, there are easy ways […]

3 Ways to Easily Optimize Indoor Air Quality

Grab your pillowcase or pumpkin pale, it’s my favorite spooky time of the year! Halloween is really nostalgic for me. My mom used to hand sew pretty much all of my costumes and we would go trick or treating with my cousins and our close family friends all throughout the neighborhood. Using a pillowcase as […]

Aromatherapy Play-dō

Raise your hand if you’ve got a major sweet tooth!🤚 It doesn’t matter what time of year, I love anything sweet. Growing up, my mom was a pastry chef and ran a Rugelach business for many years (the BEST cinnamon and walnut filled Jewish cookie ever!). (In college, I took an InDesign course and created […]

7 Sugar Substitutes You Need to Try

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