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October 28, 2019

Aromatherapy Play-dō

Grab your pillowcase or pumpkin pale, it’s my favorite spooky time of the year!

Halloween is really nostalgic for me. My mom used to hand sew pretty much all of my costumes and we would go trick or treating with my cousins and our close family friends all throughout the neighborhood. Using a pillowcase as our candy bag was the way to go – it was always about who could fit the most candy!

When we got home, we had to dump it all out on the floor and decide which candies we wanted to eat and which we would save for later. I LOVED Smarties. Trade me anything for America’s favorite candy roll! They’re also gluten free, nut-free, and dairy-free…I can’t promise they’re sugar-free though 🙂

This may be an unpopular view, but, it’s okay to be bad sometimes! Don’t go off the deep end, but, when it comes to holidays like Halloween, the key is moderation while still being able to enjoy the things that make you happy and bring back fun memories. Let your kids create a few of those same memories, too!

Check out my top 5 favorite childhood candies and, scroll to the bottom for a fun and HEALTHY alternative for the kids this year, because I still have to balance things out!

  1. SMARTIES: The ultimate candy roll. I love all the different colors and, something about twisting open the roll and taking each smartie one by one made them so much fun to eat.
    smarties candy
  2. AIRHEADS: The cheek pucker is so good! The more sour the better.
  3. FUN DIP: Pure sugar, I know. Honestly, the candy stick was my favorite part! Also, pure sugar.
  4. STARBURSTS: A little sour and fruity at the same time. If you like taffy, you probably like these, too, with their chewy consistency. Pink Strawberry is my favorite, what’s yours?different colored starbursts grouped together
  5. TWIX + BUTTERFINGER: They’re a tie for me. It doesn’t get better than combining chocolate and caramel with a slight crunch. You better believe no one laid a finger on my butterfingers! Recreate my childhood fave into a treat with all the flavor and no guilt: bar with caramel in the middle

Now that we’ve gotten our sweet tooth nostalgia out of the way, check out this fun, healthy alternative to hand out this year and a great arts and crafts activity with the kids!

Colored Playdough

package of playdough color assortedPlay-dō!

Go to your local Costco and get a pack of playdough for $12 or Amazon Prime them here just in time for Halloween! Add in your favorite essential oils and knead thoroughly until combined. Place back in the little container and, voila! Entertaining, therapeutic, and all-natural.

If you don’t have the essential oils, go to my shop and purchase them at 25% OFF!


Happy Halloween!

* * * *

Can you believe it’s that time again? The holidays are right around the corner and I’ve got you covered with all of your gift giving needs! Come join me for an evening of fun while we make essential oil infused gifts that your friends and family will love you for!

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